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I believe in gurus, magic, and great yoga gear. I’ll laugh at the high and low brow; I’ll splurge and save. I believe going green is our duty and privilege. I’ll never cease to share my earthly desires for all things yoga. It’s true: You can't take it with you, but you might be able to use it in yoga class

Yoga Mats with Photos—Picture Perfect?

Oct 15, 2008 pho_cob_1.jpg

Soul Mats without Slip or Slide

Jul 16, 2008 EkoMat.jpg

Manduka’s New Low-Impact eKO Mat

Put a Korq In It

Jul 9, 2008 products-027307.jpg

Can a $200 mat stick?

This yoga mat costs $200- how does cork hold up?

Top 4 Summer Gift Ideas

Jun 25, 2008 yoli_poli_pix.jpg

Yoga-friendly gifts like gear for kids, coconut fiber clothes, and yoga bags, that everyone will love.

Paperless Gift-Wrapping
with Japanese Furoshiki

Jun 18, 2008 furoshiki3.jpg

Don’t these gifts look gorgeous? Not only will they impress your gift recipient, they also promote eco-friendliness. Each fabric piece is completely reusable- you could even use it to make napkins!

Stick It with Yoga Paws

Jun 11, 2008 YogaPaws1.jpg

Tired of lugging your yoga mat back and forth? Make your life a little easier with these sticky gloves and footies that make yoga on the road even easier.

Try the Nintendo Wii

Jun 4, 2008 WiiBox.jpg

The newest yoga gear—a video game? Our gear blogger reviews.

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