Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy!


Fat-Blasting Yoga

This fat-blasting yoga-inspired workout, designed by Beth Shaw, owner of YogaFit in Redondo Beach, CA, turns up the burn with multiple repetitions of each pose.

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Butt Nothing


"Don't look for results the first time. Muscles will get worked, your calories will be burned," says Mark Blanchard of Power Progressive Yoga in Los Angeles of these posterior postures. Come out of each pose when you start struggling: "You're defeating the practice if you're struggling and imbalanced, because you're trying to create symmetry in the body," he says.

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Yoga Cures: No More Cellulite

Boost lymphatic circulation, flush toxins, and smooth cellulite with a couple of poses you can do every day.

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Build a Better Rearview


Shrink your butt as you expand your consciousness with this exclusive program created to tighten and strengthen your derriere

Tired of all the ballyhoo about the so-called "yoga butt"? Don't knock it till you've tried it, we say. Yoga's lengthening and strengthening combo moves do have a nice effect on your rearview.

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