5 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety


Yoga teacher recommended, therapist approved

“Anxiety is a part of being human,” says Meaghan Townsend (the yoga instructor in the video on the right). “The key is to remember that anxiety is all about future projection.” We’ve got 5 tips to keep you in the moment and out of the holiday chaos.

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Yoga Cures:
A Restless Mind

A mantra from our Calm Mom to help you stay focused and de-stress

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Yoga Cures: Social Anxiety

If you find yourself getting jittery the day of a social obligation, taking one sip too many at the wing-ding, or worried afterward that you made a fool of yourself, try these quick fixes. They'll soothe social stress so swiftly that you’ll feel like you're ready to run for public office. 

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Zen Mind Tricks


Master the moment with these easy techniques

You don’t need superpowers to handle the drama with your boss, husband, or kids—you just need to take charge.

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