Why do my quads scream during boat pose?


Answered by April Martucci, RYT, LMT, head of Mind/Body programming for Reebok Sports Club/NY.

Feeling the burn in boat pose but not in your six-pack?

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Why does yoga make me feel sick?

Answered by Baron Baptiste, creator of Power Vinyasa Yoga.

Tend to feel a little iffy after yoga class? Here’s how to let your body feel as calm as your mind.

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The Core Curriculum


Strengthening your core has a number of crucial benefits and we’re not talking about six-packs. Building up your all-important midsection will protect you from injury, improve your posture, boost your energy, and clear your head—even if all you care about is the flat belly.

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The Core Curriculum: Flexibility


Being supple in your stomach-area is just as important as being strong. Think about the twisting you need to do to grab the little ones, or the contorting you need to reach that back pantry shelf. A strong, and flexible core will keep you moving smoothly.

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The Core Curriculum: Overall Strength


Strengthen up your entire midsection with this section from our series, The Core Curriculum.

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