Top 4 Summer Gift Ideas

Jun 25, 2008

Thoughtful giving requires some planning and a few recommendations from conscious givers like ourselves. For the person who loves to give, here’s our list of yoga-friendly favors. We can’t cover them all so send us your own ideas to keep your gift ideas flourishing and evolving – just like those who’ll receive them.


WHO: Moms who need Calm, and Kids who need a Clean T
WHAT: Yoli-Poli Kids Organic Tees
WHAT’S TO LOVE? Tagless neck label

Ever notice how babies are born doing yoga? I was watching a friend’s newborn girl one evening and saw how her legs could literally wrap around her head and her body took on all sorts of contortions while suckling (including arranging her fingers so that all are tucked in except that middle finger!).

Yoli-Poli yoga clothing and accessories might be a good way to start. Each item features a cartoon-style character in a yoga pose – from Downward Dog to Triangle pose -  and my favorite is the Namaste tee. Their sizing runs from 0 – 12 for boys and girls, and no more itchy tags; they come with a tagless neck label.
($26.50 – 28.50)


WHO:  Greener than thou Groom, Grad or Gal Pal:
WHAT:  Active Wear Made From Coconuts with Cocona Fabrics
WHAT’S TO LOVE: Mainstream brands, alternative thinking

I will admit my skepticism when I first heard about Cocona Fabrics – a company that makes yarns and fabrics from coconuts for active wear companies such as Cannondale, Royal Robbins, Champion, Marmot, New Balance and Izod. I couldn’t help but envision my new Champion Cocona Fabric Sports Bra being, well… two coconut halves and a hay string cupping the goods, as if on a deserted island, Maryanne and Ginger style. Nevertheless I was eager to try out some of the nutty goods during a weekend away at a coconut-palm fringed island recently.  

Champion’s Women Vapor Sports Bra (at sporting goods stores, $40) utilizes the activated carbon made from coconut shells to engineer sturdy support for the “sisters.” I was surprised at the stretch and washability, and its sweat absorption was much better than other cotton sports bras I have. I also gave Sporthill’s Women’s Versa Tank (, $36.00) a try during a yoga class. The v-neck, sleeveless tank is silky – not stiff and tight and not hard to get on and off like some similar styles. I had enough movement in my arms to not feel constricted by the sleeve during sticky and sweaty Downward Dog or Camel poses. The tanks come in yummy colors; tangerine, blue, white and green and contrast stitching give added style. I’m not sure how the men aboard that fated 3 hour tour would feel about the new generation of coconut-wear (surely not as sexy as the TV originals), but this is one active gal who is glad the idea made it off the island in time for my summer frolicks.


WHO: The Connected, Athletic Couple
WHAT: Yoga Starter Kit, Assembled By You at J.Crew
WHAT’S TO LOVE: Colors like rhubarb and a store he’ll step into

I would be more excited if the yoga shop included men’s apparel (maybe soon) but the broken-in no pocket crew neck tee ($24.50) is a must do for a yoga-bound man. Plus you can put a copy of the The Kama Sutra in the package for everyone’s reading--and breathing-- pleasure.

Start with their yoga tote ($70) with either lemon or navy stripes. Inside is a mesh lining that keeps those post workout sweaty clothes separate from the energy food bars, and the outer buckled straps keep the yoga mat tightly in place. Next, equip your favorite couple with his and hers yoga mats ($35). Navy for him and rhubarb for her, these mats are great for newbies, providing non-slip surfaces and enough padding to make an impromptu non-yoga “session” between the two pretty comfy. The yoga pant ($65) with its boot-cut leg and fold-over top is a nice basic pant to begin any yoga wardrobe, and I guarantee the style is flattering enough to keep him interested even if chanting the om’s does not.


iYogaLife Staff
01 Jul 2008, 09:53
Thanks, Yayita! Just changed it :) We're so glad you like the site!

01 Jul 2008, 09:51
u got a double dot (.) in the link for jcrew, just after the www, thought u should know!! And I loooove this site! keep the good work coming!


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