Put a Korq In It

Jul 9, 2008

Can a $200 mat stick?


From the top of my wine bottle to the wedges of my summer sandals, cork is everywhere.  So how does this pre-used, coarse substance sturdy enough to make a sailboat become your own private yoga paillard? 

Compared to the ubiquitous non-biodegradable variety, the Korq mat (korqmats.com; $200) is surprisingly pricey, pliable, and certainly prettier. But the cost--a whopping $200 + tax + shipping--puts it out of the range of most budget-conscious yogis in these belt-tightening times.  I test-drove this yogic Ferarri with my best friend Melissa Alonso in a few hearty Vinyasa sessions and we both found it less slippery under our perspiring palms and feet—albeit a bit wobbly in standing poses due to more cushion than we’re accustomed to—and easy to towel off after our sweat-drenched performance. It was not unlike the running equivalent of track versus trail—softer and much better for you not to mention (again) scenic. 

Here’s the good news about cork: it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. What this means for you:  no stench-y, smelly build-up like studio rental. The creator claims this additional eco-fact: "it is so durable, you may only have to buy one in your lifetime."
After class we gave this mat two sun salutations up! Spending the Benjamins won’t make your handstand any more awesome but it will give you a story or two to tell when you uncork that sauvignon.  


12 Sep 2008, 13:41
Hi Sherry

I used to get a pain in my shoulder carrying around my rubber mat which weighed almost 7lbs!

I bought the Korq mat for other reasons but the fact that it weighs less than 3.5lbs is a real added bonus.



Whelan James

sherry brourman
27 Aug 2008, 13:13
how much does it weigh?

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