Yoga to the Rescue:
7 Sanity Saving Sequences


Build up your yoga arsenal to fight off everything from PMS to Fatigue, Aging to Hangovers, the Blahs to Insecurity.

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Yoga to the Rescue


Take yoga with you anywhere with Yoga to the Rescue's 48 card pose deck. These  poses are each from the seven categories (sexy, calm, energy, restore, cleanse, sanity, and ragtime (PMS)), author Amy Luwis uses to cover everything from too much ice cream to a mind in overdrive.

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Alternative Medicine Q&A


From osteoporosis to dry skin to menstrual cycles, blend the best of East and West with our Integrated Medicine Q & A.

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Yoga Cures: Make Peace with PMS

The bad news is yoga has yet to find the total cure for PMS. The good news is a special breathing technique can help with mood swings, and a backbend pose can help soothe cramps and upset stomach.

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