Sweaty is Sexy: Upper Body


Sweaty is Sexy- Get your Sweat on

Sculpt sexy upper arms and shoulders with this sweat-stimulating sequence. Let Tara show you how. 

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Healing Poses


Soothing poses for five common aches, pains, and strains

Proven to put back pain to rest, Viniyoga works like therapy for aching backs. Try these gentle sequences targeted to specific areas of the back.

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Tight Chest and Shoulders?

Answered by Kathleen Kastner, owner of Maya Yoga studio, in Kansas City, MO.

Can’t quite get your arms behind you in a Standing Forward Bend? Try this solution to open your chest and shoulders.

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What poses can I do for a stiff neck and shoulder?

Answered by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, and PT.

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Flex Time:


Feel like your upper body is slacking off? These poses give you exposure-worthy arms and sleek shoulders.

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