Head and Neck

Brain Pain


Four ways to banish nagging headaches

Doesn’t matter where your headache starts, you’ve only got one thing on your mind: How to stop the pounding. The exact cause of tension headaches is unknown, which makes a single solution hard to find. Here are 4 experts and 4 solutions.

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Flex Time: Neck and Lumbar Spine


Get rid of headaches and insomnia with these neck and lumbar back relievers from our series, Flex Time.

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Yoga Cures: Hangover

Twist toxins (and the gin and tonic) out of your system

A hangover ranks up there with gastrointestinal flu and the feeling of sitting drool-faced, mid-root canal on the miserable state of being list. That headache, queasiness, fatigue, and shakiness will only subside once you are hydrated and the booze and its toxic byproducts are out of your system. A little gentle twisting can speed the process.

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Yoga Cures: Tame a Tension Headache

You’ve got shooting pains in your neck, scalp, temples, sides of your head. It's probably caused by tension in the upper back and shoulders. Two poses can help.

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