Germ Zones


Even if you think you're staying germ-free with hand sanitizers and individually-wrapped cough drops, beware these danger zones.

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Four More Ways to Stay
Well This Winter


Boost your immunity with these stress-relieving, bug-shooing, sleep-friendly tips.

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Yoga Cures:
A Head Cold


A few easy moves to uncork a stuffy dome

Sniffling in the summer won’t help you enjoy the great outdoors. These sinus-busting asanas alleviate a high-pressure headache.

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4 Ways to Stay Well This Winter


Use these tips to strengthen your defenses

In the battle to stay healthy during winter, the nasty microbes have the edge—there are 200 cold viruses floating around, and untold strains of flu. But follow the advice below and you can fortify your immune system.

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