Joint Responsibility: The Yin and Yang of Yoga


Downshift your dog for flexibility of both mind and body

Not every yoga practice has to be power this or vinyasa that. In fact, giving your muscles and mind a break gives your joints a chance to work. Try this yin yoga sequence for a change of pace.

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Flex Time


Whether you’re tight or loose, stretching your limits will unlock your practice- along with those creaky corners of your body. This series gives you flexibility in your knee, ankle, hip, neck & lumbar spine, and shoulder joints.

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Flex Time:


Feel like your upper body is slacking off? These poses give you exposure-worthy arms and sleek shoulders.

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Flex Time: Neck and Lumbar Spine


Get rid of headaches and insomnia with these neck and lumbar back relievers from our series, Flex Time.

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Flex Time: Ankle


Give yourself a yogic foot rub with this section from our series, Flex Time.

With slippery sidewalks and overloaded shopping bags, we’re more prone than ever to falling and injuring ourselves. Protect your ankles by increasing your flexibility and strength.

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