Calm Mom

Kristen Dollard

Kristen Dollard is a full-time working mom trying to put the "om" back in M-O-M. She doesn't want to be a super woman--just a calm one.

The New Yorker's Cartoon Take on Yoga

Mar 31, 2008

A little yoga/mommy humor for April Fool's Day!

Hoop Screams

Mar 19, 2008

When baby girl makes three, a sports-obsessed dad loses his home team advantage

"March Madness" has arrived. To my husband this means coveted days of drooling over college basketball marathons. "Sweet Sixteen." Book that airline ticket to the chosen neutral site. "The Final Four." Male tears follow Cinderella stories. Watch yet another airing of "Hoosiers" until you are whispering "My team is on the floor."

You Know You're A Mom When...

Jan 15, 2008

Last night I was at the local bar. Despite the shaking because I was starving and had low blood sugar and could easily pass for the neighborhood alcoholic looking for a fix I was picking up take out.

And the lone man at the bar says, "Oh, for a second I thought you were wearing your pajamas."

The Face of the American Dollar

Nov 6, 2007

Who knows if a woman will appear in the White House as The First Female President as opposed to the First Lady but I sort of stopped short today when I saw that South Korea's central bank chose the face of Korean motherhood as the first woman to be featured on its banknotes.

Anxiety Alleviated.

Nov 2, 2007

I think the Halloween night photo tip worked.

Take a Night Photo Right Tonight

Oct 31, 2007

I am anxious about taking a good photo tonight.

Kristina Koveos, This OMs for You!

Oct 24, 2007

Kristina from Syracuse wanted to know what to do to lose her baby weight.

As this seems to be a priority for moms everywhere I recorded the reason why yoga classes can makes you look better than every weight loss DVD on shelves near you.

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