Have a Better Labor with these 7 Tricks of the Trade


"Trade secrets" from an expert.

Here are some ideas to try to help make your labor more comfortable, less painful and (hopefully) shorter.

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Prenatal Yoga with
Angela Kinsey


Congratulations to Angela, who gave birth to Isabel Ruby on May 3, 2008!

We’d never suggest Angela from The Office do an ounce of yoga—lest she soften that strident, scowling persona. But when Dana Meltzer Zepeda sat down with Angela Martin—37-year old actress Angela Kinsey in real life—she found a woman on the verge of giving birth who says weekly yoga classes help her relax and feel in control throughout her pregnancy.

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Say Ohm for a Better


Safe poses have a healthy payoff.

Yoga gurus say regularly practicing the postures relieves a multitude of pregnancy-related woes and also benefits baby. But research validating such claims has been nonexistent--until now.

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I'm trying to get pregnant. What poses should I focus on?


Answered by Deb Flashenberg, Director of The Prenatal Yoga Center.

If trying to get pregnant, focus on poses that open and soften the belly and pelvis.

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Yoga Cures: Getting Ready For Baby


You may be years from away from multiplying, but when you do, your body’s gotta be ready to handle the little one you’ll be nurturing. “If you’re trying to make your body ready for pregnancy, you should keep a regular yoga practice emphasizing core strength, Mula Bandha pranayama, and meditation,” says Nicole DeAvilla, RYT and developer of the Prenatal Yoga teacher training program at The Expanding Light Ananda Yoga and Meditation Retreat center in California.

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