Five Trouble Spots- Fix Them Today


Target soft spots

Banish body blemishes (that's right, cellulite, back bulge, love handles, arm flab, and tummy tub) by bikini season. 15 minutes, your mat, and these poses will do the trick.

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Sweaty is Sexy: Upper Body


Sweaty is Sexy- Get your Sweat on

Sculpt sexy upper arms and shoulders with this sweat-stimulating sequence. Let Tara show you how. 

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Healing Arm Injuries?

Answered by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, and PT.

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Upside-Down Yoga Poses


Turn your yoga practice on its head with these energizing poses

Spotting weird carpet stains isn't the only benefit of doing headstands regularly. You can also strengthen your arms, legs, and core and reenergize during a midday slump.

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Arm Balance and Inversion Prep

Work your way towards arm balances and inversions with this prep flow.

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