12 point pose Double Leg Forward Stretch (Modified) Locust (Beginner) Side Plank
Bird of Paradise Double Pigeon Low Pushup Single Leg Forward Bend
Birds Wing Double Toe Hold L-Seat Sphinx
Boat Downward Facing Dog Lying Big Toe Squat
Bridge Downward Facing Dog - Plank Monkey Standing Backbend
Bridge with Roll Eagle Mountain Standing Forward Bend
Camel Extended Fish Peacock Standing Yoga Mudra
Cat Cow Extended Side Angle Pendant Sun Salutation
Cat to Cow Pointer Firefly Pigeon Sun Salutation A and B
Chair Fish Plank Supported Fish
Child's Forearm Balance Plow Swimming
Cobbler's Forearm Balance (Modified) Prone Gluteals Teaser Prep
Cobbler's (Modified) Frog Rabbit Tree
Cobra (Baby) Half Bow to Full Reclined Cobbler's Tree with Lotus
Cobra (Baby to Full) Half Moon Reclined Twist Triangle
Cobra Pushup with Roll Half Moon with wall Reverse Plank Tripod
Corpse Half Shoulder Stand Reverse Warrior Twisting Chair
Cow Face Pose Handstand Revolved Half Moon Twisted Root
Crescent Happy Baby Revolved Head to Knee Upright Big Toe Hold
Cross-Legged Sit and Stretch Headstand Revolved Side Angle Bend Upward Facing Dog
Crow Hero Revolved Triangle Warrior I
Crow (Modified) Hero (Modified) Revolved Upright Big Toe Hold Warrior II
Cupid King Pigeon Saw Warrior III
Curl Knee to Chest Seated Half Twist Windshield Wiper
Dancer (Baby to Full) Low Pushup (Modified) Seated Head to Knee Wheel
Dolphin Legs Up the Wall Seated Staff  
Double Leg Forward Stretch Locust (Advanced) Shoulderstand  

(ISHTA Yoga New York)


Windshield Wiper

windshield wiper

Physical: Stretches the neck, back, shoulders, glutes, and outer thigh
Emotional: Relieves stress, grounding
Rx for: Insomnia, low-back pain

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(Salamba Sirsasana)

Physical: Strengthens the core, arms, and back
Emotional: Balance
Rx for: Fatigue

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Tree with Lotus

tree with lotus

(Vrksasana variation)

Physical: Strengthens legs, ankles, and knees; opens chest, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and glutes
Emotional: Improves coordination and focus

Rx for: Scattered mind

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Single Leg Forward Bend



Physical: Opens the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and spine; strengthens the legs and core
Emotional: Calming
Rx for: Poor digestion

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