Sports Injuries

Yoga Cures: Pulled Hamstrings

Keeping your muscles loose and flexible is impossible between stress at work, (literally) running around at home, and trying to squeeze in your workout. Inevitably, those hammies will rebel and you’ll be the one suffering from the uprising of pain. Use these Yoga Cures to heal your hamstrings.

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Yoga For Jocks


This is for all you jocks out there—you guys and gals need yoga, too,
just as much as the rest of us! If you're an athlete you probably
already know that yoga can improve performance by enhancing your focus, breathing, and endurance. Not to mention alleviating muscle soreness and reducing recovery time.

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Yoga Cures: Rehab Runner’s Knee

Weakened knees are dangerous. They’re prone to injury, difficult to operate on, and slow to heal. Best to take care of them, even if you’re not scheduling a Himalayan trek.

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