Sweaty is Sexy: Abs


Sweaty is Sexy 
- Get your Sweat On

Forget those late night infomercials promoting pills that promise tight abs without breaking a sweat. The true path to a taut torso is getting down and dirty.

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Yogi Ab Map


Your ticket to Tight Abs City

Is your ab routine as snooze-inducing as stammering on C-Span? With the right yoga moves, you can give your belly routine a boost and build a strong, sexy core more effectively.

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Yoga on a Tightrope


The best Ab Workout ever

Unlike traditional sit ups and crunches, every move in Slackline Yoga integrates your core with the rest of your body, making it the center of gravity. This fluid balance will get you that six-pack but they won’t just be for show.

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Core Strength Power Hour:
Week 3


This week’s workout is about reshaping the body, while pushing through your edge (feeling the burn, in other words). We intentionally increase the sequence’s level of difficulty so you can build your practice in the midst of a struggle.

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Bikini Yoga:
Firm, Flat Tummy


Every pose you do in yoga has some benefit to your core, especially all those Planks and Chaturangas and the balance poses. For a toning bonus, try these three poses that are sure to firm and flatten.

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