Paperless Gift-Wrapping
with Japanese Furoshiki

Jun 18, 2008


If you believe in the power of first impressions as much as I do, then you’ll understand why I think wrapping is just as important as the gift itself. I have always sought out creative wrap options. One year I covered all my gifts in metallic paper – the golds, silvers, and coppers underneath the tree resembled the “bling” of say, P. Diddy rather than the festive reds and reindeers of the season. Oh well, it was a memorable one at least. Or consider the time I wrapped all my gifts to resemble a Hershey’s Kiss (easy… use a paper plate, foil, and … oh never mind!)

I was thrilled to discover the Japanese gift wrapping technique called Furoshiki. Similar to origami, it uses eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Not only are you reducing waste and caring for the environment by not using paper, but the reusable fabric is a gift in itself—with a sewing machine on hand, it can be used to make napkins, quilts, aprons or doll clothes. The fabric comes in a variety of sizes and designs and there are books or web sites that illustrate some techniques. You’ll never be searching for the scotch tape again. See (prices of fabrics vary)


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