Yoga Mats with Photos—Picture Perfect?

Oct 15, 2008


Plank’s new collection of yoga mats (, $85) takes some of the seriousness out of the studio with their whimsical photo designs. Out of their four close-up and digitally detailed images—including  a thick shag pile carpet; a single plank of wood; and an aerial view of a floor with scattered pills (wha?)— the Cobra Mat was my favorite. On it, blades of thick green grass house a sneaky slithering snake—seemingly random simplicity that gives chuckles and lightens the heart.
The mat’s functionality held up – its anti-slip non-PVC lightweight material called EcoLite kept me from slithering away from the mat myself, and because I felt so proud to display such a unique mat, I think I stuck my poses better than ever! Or maybe it was that I was secretly too afraid to fall on my newfound friend in the grass. Now if only they could think of a way to make the life-like mats have scents like fresh grass, or cedar wood… sniff, sniff, and a sun salute?


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