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NIH Yoga Week

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Yoga's Got Muscle


This serene routine trims flab.

It's not high intensity, and it doesn't burn megacalories, but a gentle yoga routine blasts fat as effectively as weight lifting does, says research represented from the American College of Sports.

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Yoga and Breast Cancer?

Answered by Baron Baptiste, creator of Power Vinyasa Yoga.

What’s the connection? Read on to learn how yoga can help those fighting breast cancer.

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Say Ohm for a Better


Safe poses have a healthy payoff.

Yoga gurus say regularly practicing the postures relieves a multitude of pregnancy-related woes and also benefits baby. But research validating such claims has been nonexistent--until now.

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Limber Up For Love


Yoga can increase you man’s endurance between the sheets. Read this and get him to class before Valentine’s on Thursday.

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