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Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a Ford model, yoga instructor and actress. Tara won’t touch a pose unless it has applications for the here and now. She’s taken some flack for making yoga mainstream but we’d like more of that.

Every Day Yoga

Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini, RYT, directs a mind/body studio smack in the middle of hectic New York City--which is why her Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga delivers a centering 90-minute workout in just 60. Ready to get more out of your core?

Core Power Hour

Kimberly Fowler

Kimberly Fowler is the founder of YAS Fitness Centers in California & the creator of Yoga for Athletes.™ She trains all levels of competitors, from Olympians like swimming great Amanda Beard, to runners like 800-meter specialist Nick Symmonds, to regular weekend warriors. Many of her clients, including hurdler Tasha Danvers (#6 in the world) travel with her Yoga for Athletes DVD. Check it out, as well as her site,, and her Yoga for Runners routine on iTunes.

Yoga for Athletes

Michelle Fama

I believe in gurus, magic, and great yoga gear. I’ll laugh at the high and low brow; I’ll splurge and save. I believe going green is our duty and privilege. I’ll never cease to share my earthly desires for all things yoga. It’s true: You can't take it with you, but you might be able to use it in yoga class

Gear Blogger

Kristen Dollard

Kristen Dollard is a full-time working mom trying to put the "om" back in M-O-M. She doesn't want to be a super woman--just a calm one.

Calm Mom

Kathleen Kaster

Kathleen Kastner used to be all about cardio, but she looked so muscular that she felt unfeminine. When she made yoga her sole source of exercise she dropped 10 pounds and discovered a new long, lean look. Beginner or pro, she can help you lose weight and feel great using this science called yoga.

Zen Mind, Buff Body

Kira Willey

Kira Willey, kids' yoga teacher and creator of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids, brings a love of yoga to little people. She adapts yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided visualizations to the needs of children, from calming rowdy boys to curing sleep issues. Our Kid Whisperer wants every child to have an OM of her own.

Yoga for Kids