The Face of the American Dollar

Nov 6, 2007

Who knows if a woman will appear in the White House as The First Female President as opposed to the First Lady but I sort of stopped short today when I saw that South Korea's central bank chose the face of Korean motherhood as the first woman to be featured on its banknotes.

I thought gosh, all we have is a Susan B. Anthony. But it's thorny. Of course in the country many women felt that the choice of the woman reinforced sexist stereotypes. Why? Her fame comes from giving birth to a scholar. And if we had to choose one woman? OY! Can you imagine the controversy. It's thorny, no?

On one hand, this is a triumph for mothers everywhere. It validates the fact that giving birth and raising a child is a wonderful societal contribution. But I see the problem replicated at the good old girls network in the US. We can call it the department of homeland insecurity. If a woman makes it into our White House I KNOW there will be volumes written on how she's going to be best known for being a woman and not on her legacy or policies. And if the woman in question wins we all know it will be argued that she won in part because of her husband. And so maybe we can put him on the penny?

It will always be complicated. Let it be. So too are we. 


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