Yoga for Willpower

Sep 3, 2008


Get the Will Power Workout

We all have our lists of personal goals either stashed away on that piece of paper, or filed in our heads.  Whether you want to lose the extra weight, quit smoking, or just gain more will power to have on hand, practicing this challenging yoga series will work wonders. 

This sequence is designed to challenge your body by staying in poses that are going to be uncomfortable.  You’ll have to push past the desire to come out of the pose with focus and will.  A big part of why we practice yoga is to become more aware of our actions.  Bad habits are performed unconsciously.  Practicing will cultivate your awareness and show you that you have the strength to overcome things—more than you know or believe.

Take me: I used to drink when I go to parties.  I was living under my own rule that I couldn’t have or be fun or interesting unless I had two or three or more drinks.  Telling the story now I can’t even believe I was able to drink that much because now I only have one or maybe even a half of a drink at a party.  It was such an unconscious decision I was consistently making.  My other excuse was if they were free.  At entertainment events and premieres all the drinks you want are free!  I was definitely lacking will power.  It’s no fun to have a headache in the morning, and besides alcohol is poison for the body!  What was I thinking?  I am so much more healthy now and the bonus is I have my mornings back!  Will power and conscious thinking was all it took.

I’m not the only one who believes the things I’m trying to convince you of:

“Problems can’t be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”--Albert Einsten.

“When old habits suddenly arise, don’t use your mind to repress them.  At just such a time, just watch it, and it will come and it will go…Like a snowflake or a red-hot stove.”—Osho (Indian mystic and philosopher)

Get the Will Power Workout


05 Oct 2008, 13:14
Such a great advice for living, not only for the yoga people to practice. The old habits are like the old problem or routine obstacle that keep returning to challenge us. All we can do is being conscious and, for sure, setting our willpower in advance so we can cope with the problem bravely, or at least, we'd not be so worried that we get lost and feel regret too often. That's not good and not so easy to create our strong determination over and over ^o^

Thanks so much for the challenging sequence and wonderful advice. I hope you've a very happy and proud time with yourself and your family.

Your student in Thailand ^^

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