Stick It with Yoga Paws

Jun 11, 2008


I’ve never been one for “added measures.” When I first began roller blading I did so sans knee pads and wrist guards. And on the slope I wouldn’t think of disturbing my rad snowboarding outfit with a cumbersome and ugly helmet (until I realized how icy east coast conditions are and how recklessly I ride!). When it comes to yoga I’m a purist. Who needs blocks or straps? Off to yoga, just me and my mat. It’s that simple.

But recently I’ve become quite curious about this one little gadget being worn by yogis in my regular daily class -- padded slip-free gloves for palms and soles called Yoga Paws. And although they looked more suited for a motocross dirt bike race, I threw vanity to the wind this time and gave them a test drive.

Like Michelins, yoga paws (, $34.95) are designed to keep traction and support for your hands and feet without requiring a mat. They are small enough to keep in your glove compartment or purse and slip easily onto the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet. While in a class, I would still prefer using a mat to pad the knees and other bony parts, the Paws were super handy for practicing handstand and other poses in my tiny studio.  And despite having sweaty palms and feet I stuck my downward dogs and warrior poses without the slip-and-slide effect that I think has prevented me from really deepening my practice. During an outdoor community class in the park where my mat couldn’t fit among the masses, I was as proud as a prana peacock to whip out the Paws and practice without pebbles under my palms!

I haven’t converted completely to leaving my yoga mat at home, but I’m no longer such a stickler about props or as vain about my Vinyasas. The Paws come in men’s and women’s sizes and are a great gift for the newbie, traveler—or the converted purist like me.


14 Jun 2008, 03:20
wow, such a good supporting prop. I hope they would be available in Thailand so it'd more convenient when practicing on travelling.

Still, I'm wondering if the paws can help on the non-stick map coz I bought a hot yoga map and the 0.5-cm thickness is so good for knees. But it's surface was easily slippery that made my hands slide for the downward dog pose, for example. As a result, I'd to go back to the sticky-but-too-thin map, instead. I'd be so great if this prop can solve my problem ^o^

And thank you so much for updates, it's so beneficial.
God bless you and do take care!

Michelle Fama
18 Jun 2008, 08:57
I do think it would solve the slipping problem. The yoga paws combined with a mat give good traction so you wouldn't slip on downward dog! Even in hot yoga I found them beneficial (my hands were sooooo hot though).

Good luck and let me know!


26 Aug 2008, 12:43
Any form of yoga requires you to use your own effort and built your inner body strenght and stamina to hold poses.

With the yoga paws I considered it "cheating" easy workout.

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