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Flex Time
Get flexible, open hips with yin yoga
Releasing your hips can relieve full-body tension. Start here.
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Fab or Fad?
These trends ask you to leave your traditional poses—and sometimes your underwear—at the door
Some spin-offs work--the American version of The Office—while others ... well, does The Simple Life really need a fifth installment? The same holds true for today's crop of derivative yoga classes. "Fusions can be over the top, but some are legitimate combinations that attract people who otherwise wouldn't do yoga," says Beryl Bender Birch, who popularized Power Yoga. Below, we separate the practice-transforming blends from what we hope will be short-lived trends.
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Kick Back and Give Back
We want your old mats. Kids all over Manhattan are doing yoga on sheets and naked crummy gym floors while others bliss out under blankets in savasana. If you have a mat to spare, send it to YogaLife (YogaLife, 733 Third Avenue, 15th Fl, NY, NY 10017) and our partners at Lululemon (1928 Broadway at 64th St. NY, NY 10023, T: 212-712-1767) will offer you a 15% discount on the purchase of a new one when you show them the note thanking you for your donation.
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YogaPhile: Lisa Edelstein
The House actress explains to Dana Meltzer Zepeda how yoga saved her back
She plays the prickly Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the medical drama House. But as the 40-year-old actress who thought she’d undergo a lifetime of spinal surgeries explains to Dana Meltzer Zepeda, she has her ratty yoga rugs and 4 A.M. yoga sessions to thank for keeping her out of the real-life operating room.
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The Truth About Outdoor Yoga
Don’t Pollute Your Practice

Just because the sun is shining and the lawn is lush doesn’t mean you should be taking your yoga poses outdoors. A new study reveals that pollution levels are higher at certain times of day.

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Yoga for Youth
Stay young with Svaroopa yoga
Releasing spinal compression can help you look and feel younger
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Winter Survival Kit
3 Energizing Poses to Help You Fight Fat, Fatigue, and Lack of Motivation
Beat the elements with this cold weather workout.

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Ready, Set, Flow
Energize on the mat with Kundalini yoga
These five poses will perk you up faster than you can say coffee
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Age Less
Stay young in body and mind
These poses will improve your immune system and help you resist stress, energize, and maybe even add a few good years to your life
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Kids on the Mat
First-graders learn poses and learn to pay attention
A teacher in Brooklyn uses yoga lessons to help her students calm down and focus. “When the kids get noisy in the classroom, I’ll say, ‘Let’s stop and do yoga for a minute.'" 

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Doctor Your Medicine Chest
What to stash—and trash—to stay healthy this season
Stock your cabinet with these five essentials, and read the fine print below before you take any remedies.

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Find Your Balance
Three easy ways to ward off winter woes
Ayurvedic medicine prescribes ways to keep the body's essential elements in balance. These tips will help maintain that equilibrium during the months of cold nights and short days.

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Good Morning Movements
Six simple stretches to energize you before a hectic day
Research finds that heart attacks typically happen in the morning. So, ease gently into your day with easy poses that will shift you from groggy to gregarious.
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