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Living, Breathing Proof:
Yoga Success Stories

What can this ancient Indian practice do for you, a (basically) regular person leading a (kind of) normal, 21st-century American life? Tons. Check out these folks, who each made an investment in yoga—and saw big-time payoffs. As they now know, you don’t have to move into an ashram to get amazing results.

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This Yoga Life
Who: Stephanie Reitano, 37
Where: Philadelphia
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Mats Drive More Success
School uses yoga to strengthen awareness, language, and posture
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This Yoga Life
Who: Andrea Riggs, 36
Where: New York City
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Sean Milford, 25
Who: Sean Milford, 25
Where: Birmingham, Michigan
PAYOFF: "the greatest workout I've ever had"
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Julie Moxley, 30
Who: Julie Moxley, 30
Where: Atlanta
PAYOFF: minus 30 pounds
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