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New Blogs at iYogaLife!
iYogaLife introduces four blogs from modern women trying to live healthier and happier lives without becoming all yoga-ed out. In other words they aren’t afraid of a spiritual infusion but they are also after a great body and none of them have the luxury of moving to an ashram or hiring a Hollywood guru. They live and practice in the real world. They have bills to pay, love interests, problems and solutions just like the rest of us.  From the fitness buff who lost ten pounds when she decided to moonlight as a yoga teacher to the new mother trying to the put the om back in m-o-m, these voices carry a glimmer of wisdom and a little bit of wit. If you’re like us it helps to know that a little yoga can go a long way.

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Bliss Trip
Reward yourself with a mind-body-spirit connection

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Bliss Miss
A conversation with renowned yoga teacher Seane Corn
“Yoga is her passion, but it’s also the antidote to arm flab, perfectionism, and all the other dramas of the day.”
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Time for Life
Pop culture that's worth your time and your dime
Off-the-mat sources of inspiration that will feed your head and nourish your soul.
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