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Adam Levine of Maroon 5: His Yoga Addiction Makes Him Buff and Sane


Sting, who made yoga manly not to mention sexy, has an heir. Adam Levine, Grammy winning lead singer of Maroon 5 and a hipster style icon, is a self-proclaimed yoga devotee.

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Yoga Cures: Distracted


It happens to the best of us: You sit down at your desk, ready to burn through your entire to-do list...and instead, you find your mind in a thousand different places. Did I turn off my straightening iron? Where can I find a recipe online for a quick dinner tonight? These balancing poses will help you find the here and now.

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How can I build my concentration through Pranayama?

Answered by Michael Lee, MA, the founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Build concentration by practicing without trying or striving, and notice all that happens from a place of detachment. Pranayama is a great way to focus concentration through the breath.

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I have fibromyalgia, chronic tendonitis, and I'm under a lot of stress-which doesn't help my other problems. How can yoga help me?

Answered by Michael Lee, MA, founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

Gentle yoga and meditation can help you to slow down and find the underlying source of your stress.  I suggest you mediate for at least a half hour each day. Just find yourself a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

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Follow Your Intuition


It can trigger smarter decisions and lead to closer relationships- if you learn how to listen.

Once upon a time, calling the large and small shots of my single life, I just knew, in my bones, who to trust and what moves to make. Now that I am the busy mother of a clingy toddler, my once-trusty intuition has been buried beneath a mountain of daily deliberations.

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