Strength Training

Sweaty is Sexy: Upper Body


Sweaty is Sexy- Get your Sweat on

Sculpt sexy upper arms and shoulders with this sweat-stimulating sequence. Let Tara show you how. 

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Yoga for Your Marathon: Part 2


The 12-MINUTE Magic Core Sequence for Runners [or Anyone] to Build Stamina, Become More Efficient, and Gain Flexible Strength!

In this second part of the Marathon Yoga series, you’ll take your stretches to a whole new level. Stretching is great for tension release, but the real payoff comes when you start to break old habits, and re-shape your muscles on a deep level.

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Yoga for your Marathon: Part 1


Repetition is good if you’re a student cramming for a test or a politician hammering a message home, but for a runner, the repetitive motion can wreck a body good. Yoga is the easiest way to avoid pain or injury. Read on and loosen up.

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Core Strength Power Hour:
Week 5


Letting your hands trade places with your feet does more than energize you, it asks your arms to do all the work that your strongest muscles usually take care of. Add some inversions to your practice to tone your arms from a different angle.

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Increase Your Yoga Burn


Toning is worth the weight

For a stronger yoga body, just add a fistful of iron. These hatha poses from Anthony Carillo, author of Iron Yoga, incorporate 2- to 5-pound dumbbells to strengthen your body and fry fat

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