The 5 Best Poses for Athletes

Oct 2, 2008

A little Yoga goes a long way.
RX: 10 minutes of easy flexibility training to help improve any sport


After a little “old school” poll asking my about their physical weak spots, they ALL reported athletes struggle with three areas:  hips, hamstrings and lower back. The biggest issue, though, was, “I don’t have time!” Here’s my answer to that: Even a little yoga will go a long way to help see improvement in any sport.

These poses are safe enough to do at home. To get started grab your yoga mat, a towel and some water.  If you don’t have a mat then use a padded surface like a rug. Ideally these poses are done post-workout so you are warmed up. If not, don’t push yourself.

Try this sequence every other day to see fast results.


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