Sweaty is Sexy: Total Body

By Tara Stiles

Sweaty is Sexy 
- Get Your Sweat On

Don’t be fooled by antiperspirant ads – sweating is sexy. It’s also great for your body and it plain makes us feel like we’ve worked hard. This series is designed to ignite heat throughout your entire body, sculpting your muscles while allowing you to sweat out toxins and stress in a matter of minutes. And you don’t even need the sauna-like Bikram room.

Hold these poses for twice as long as you usually would. Try for 10 breaths. Stick with it and feel the heat rise.

Get the total body workout


Tara Stiles
06 Jan 2009, 16:01
Hey Gisella,

In my opinion, you don't need to strength train with weights if you are doing a vigorous yoga practice 3 times a week or more. A strong yoga practice will leave you with perfect muscle tone and a healthy metabolism. Shoulder stand stimulates your thyroid glad which helps regulate metabolism. Yoga is all you need :)

02 Jan 2009, 11:06
hello Gisella,

You can always add Tolasan in which you lift your body up while sitting in padmasan, handstand in which you you go up side down using your hands, or Crane pose, peacock pose or eastward facing pose to streinghtan uppere body.

19 Dec 2008, 19:15
this is a great workout, thank you Tara. happy holidays :)

p.s. Gisella, your body its a great weight training tool :).

15 Dec 2008, 22:43
Hi Tara,

Great yoga sequence. Can yoga really replace strength training with weights to tone the total body though? If I begin yoga, do I still need to train with weights too? I'm afraid if I stop training with weights, I'll lose muscle tone and slow my metabolism. Can yoga work as a person's strength and toning exercise? It's so confusing. Help! lol

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