Five Trouble Spots- Fix Them Today


Target soft spots

Banish body blemishes (that's right, cellulite, back bulge, love handles, arm flab, and tummy tub) by bikini season. 15 minutes, your mat, and these poses will do the trick.

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Find Your Focus


Don't zone out

Practice this energizing, focus-building sequence that will reign in a frazzled, distracted mind and leave you feeling sharper than a Ginsu knife.

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Treat Your Body Right


Do a body good

“If you treat your body right, it will treat you back in return,” says Rainbeau Mars, who created the Ra’yoka style sequence that combines yoga, martial arts, and core conditioning.

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Joint Responsibility: The Yin and Yang of Yoga


Downshift your dog for flexibility of both mind and body

Not every yoga practice has to be power this or vinyasa that. In fact, giving your muscles and mind a break gives your joints a chance to work. Try this yin yoga sequence for a change of pace.

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Fight Fat with Yoga


Mindfulness = a whittled middle

What can you do if you want to look svelte while rocking a pair of skinny jeans? The answer is yoga.

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