Yoga Cures: Getting Ready For Baby

By Nicole Kwan


You may be years from away from multiplying, but when you do, your body’s gotta be ready to handle the little one you’ll be nurturing. “If you’re trying to make your body ready for pregnancy, you should keep a regular yoga practice emphasizing core strength, Mula Bandha pranayama, and meditation,” says Nicole DeAvilla, RYT and developer of the Prenatal Yoga teacher training program at The Expanding Light Ananda Yoga and Meditation Retreat center in California. If your core is weak, you will slouch and when you add the weight of a baby, that bad posture can lead to serious pain. Plus, a regular yoga practice will tone your muscles all over, giving them the strength and energy to go back to normal, post-baby.

To make labor easier, DeAvilla recommends the Mula Bandha (Root Lock), which locks in energy and brings it up to your brain to revitalize, while strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor, which makes delivery go faster. “It’s a misconception that you should have things loose so the baby can come easily,’’ says DeAvilla. “Strong muscles are more flexible whereas weak muscles have the tendency to shorten and tighten.” Follow these instructions to prep your body for baby.

The Cure: Mula Bandha
How to: Concentrate on your pelvic floor muscles like in a Kegel but contract only the vaginal opening. In a Kegel you contract the muscles in the perineum as if you’re stopping the flow of urine, but in Mula Bandha you’re focusing on the pelvic floor: Imagine you’re lifting from the center towards your navel. If it’s hard to isolate that area, don’t worry. “You don’t do any harm contracting the other openings,” says DeAvilla. Hold the Mula Bandha for 5 to 10 seconds. You can practice this anytime, anywhere, so try to do it six times a day.


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