Beach Yoga


Yogis will be leaner than ever from performing this workout on the sand

We love our sticky mats, Krishna Das soundtrack, and buckwheat eye pillow as much as the next downward-dogger, but taking your practice to the beach is more like what the original yogis intended more than 5,000 years ago. During this routine, press your feet and hands firmly into the sand and spread your fingers and toes to hit maximum lower-body muscle. Relax and enjoy. Just don't get so focused that you forget your SPF!

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Spring Stretch


Now is the time to get flexible

Spring is a great time to work on your flexibility. The weather is getting warmer, flowers are reaching for the sky. It’s time to start a conversation with those hibernating hamstrings. Try this lengthening routine to move into the spring with more ease. 

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I started yoga later in life,
can I still increase my flexibility?

Answered by Kathleen Kastner, owner of Maya Yoga studio, in Kansas City, MO.

Don’t think you can get into those flexy poses because you took your time starting your yoga practice? Don’t worry, our expert has advice.

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Why can't I touch my toes?


Answered by April Martucci, RYT, LMT, head of Mind/Body programming for Reebok Sports Club/NY.

Got all the moves but just can’t seem to reach down to your feet in a forward bend? Here’s the solution

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Greatest Hips: Bound Angle Pose


This pose allows you to slowly ease into relief that will break down those tight spots in your hips and calm you down.

Your hips hold the majority of your body’s tension- emotionally and physically. Bound Angle Pose allows you to slowly ease into relief that will break down those tight spots and calm you down.

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