Yoga for Your Marathon: Part 2

By Sadie Nardini

The 12-MINUTE Magic Core Sequence for Runners [or Anyone] to Build Stamina, Become More Efficient, and Gain Flexible Strength!


The Point:
Running and then cooling down without proper stretching can leave your body contracted, or tight.  This means that the next time you run, you’re spending a good part of it trying to re-open those muscles, just to get back to neutral.
This wastes your time: instead of progressing forward in your range of motion, building the “long and strong” muscles of star athletes, you’re reinforcing the restrictive, and often injury-prone body that comes from muscles that are ”short and strong”.

In this second part of the Marathon Yoga series, you’ll take your stretches to a whole new level. Stretching is great for tension release, but the real payoff comes when you start to break old habits, and re-shape your muscles on a deep level, and return them to their full range of motion and tip-top tone. We’ll go deeper, to release more than just today’s run…now we’re getting into limiting patterns and tightness created from last week’s, last months, and even last year’s!

In Marathon Yoga Part Two, you’ll learn:
Inner Thigh and Shoulder Wonder Stretch
Chest and Hamstring Opener
The Magic Pose Quad Deepener
Magic Pose with a Twist
1/2 Wide Angle Leg Opener
1/2 Wide Angle Inner Thigh Release
Full Wide Angle plus Resistance
Leg Reset
IT Band Twist
Super Scissor Twist
1/2 Happy Baby
Runner's Resting Pose

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