Sweaty is Sexy- Upper Body Workout

By Sadie Nardini

Feel Sexy Today

Can’t remember the last time you walked down the street with some sassiness in your step or looked in the mirror and thought, “Damn, I’m hot!”? Well, today’s the day to bring sexy back.

True sexiness isn’t about slipping into slinky lingerie. It stems from inner confidence and vitality. But let’s face it, a toned outer body doesn’t hurt either. This yoga practice will strengthen you to the core, sculpting the salacious parts like hips, thighs, belly and rear, and give you energy for miles, raising self-esteem from the inside out. Plus, it amps up the root area, from the pelvic floor to the navel, which is believed to be the source of creativity, inspiration, and sensuality.

Do the practice three times a week, or whenever you want to get reacquainted with your flirty, fabulous, self and you’ll infuse your days - and nights - with the inner sexiness that only you can bring.

The Poses:
Easy Seat with Root Lift
Easy Seat Core Activator
Hands and Knees Cat/Cow
Hands and Knees Spinal Twist
Fire-Starter Core Kicks
Shakti Power Pulse
Core Goddess  
Creative Spark
Charlie’s Angels Root Strengthener
Yogi’s Choice Sexy Dance
Fierce Pose/Breath of Power flow
Bound Forward Bend
Pigeon Spinal Undulations
Belly Dance Bridge
Sublime Goddess
Wild Savasana
My Truth Meditation
Mantra: Om Namah Sivaya

Please warm up before starting this sequence: 3-5 rounds of my Core Sun Salutations should do it.

For a more intense workout, insert an optional Vinyasa [Down Dog, Plank Pose, Chaturanga, Cobra or Up Dog, return to Down Dog] between each pose.
Hold each pose for 5-10 breaths unless directed otherwise. Add this sequence into your regular practice, or do it solo for a quick and effective 10-minute inner sexy workout.

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