Road Trip Guide to the Soul: Part 1

By Sadie Nardini

10 poses and stops on your inner trip to help you reach your center and transform yourself from the inside out

When you think “road trip,” dirty gas stations, fast food, and getting truckers to honk their horn probably come to mind, but this is not your average, pedal-to-the-metal excursion. Instead, we’re taking a more personal route by going on an inner road trip. I created this 20-minute, flowing sequence from my book, the Road Trip Guide to the Soul, to take you on a journey. The purpose of the trip is to feel strong, stable and centered while sculpting your chassis into a sleek vehicle that’s firing on all cylinders.

On this adventure, you’ll be stopping at 10 roadside “attractions” (poses) to help you bust through roadblocks and discover how to get the most out of life - and your body. Get ready to accelerate!

In this practice, you'll learn:
Drishti Lunge
Fierce Pose Pulses
Warrior 2
Waterfall Warrior
Flying Half Moon
Shakti Kicks
Funky Foot Lunge
Pigeon Arch, Stretch and Fold
Core Plank to Side Core Plank
Cow Face Wave
Bridge Pose Detox
'Final Destination' Meditation

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Sadie Nardini
27 Dec 2008, 17:27
Thanks, Michael,
I'm happy you've found my page!
You can all adventure through my website as well: for more free yoga, and much more!
Have a core-connected day!

Michael R.
27 Dec 2008, 16:30
I'm with HaiFeng. I especially like the description and demonstration of each asana. This makes successful practice possible for the solitary Shishya, from China to New Mexico- or even closer, I'm sure.

Sadie Nardini
23 Dec 2008, 15:36
Thank you, Luis! Check out my other workouts here, and let me know what else we can post for you! xosadie

Luis Clares
23 Dec 2008, 15:31
I liked very much.
I really enjoyed.
Thanks a lot.

Sadie Nardini
23 Dec 2008, 12:28
Hi ladies,

thanks so much for your comments!
I'm so happy you'll try the book--it's a great companion for the fierceness of practice on the mat.

Let me know what you think!


Sandy Krzyzanowski
23 Dec 2008, 12:22
Hi Sadie!
I love all of your sequences, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your book and DVD from Amazon. Thank you for your inspiration!
Love, Sandy

23 Nov 2008, 11:13
Hi Sadie! I always love your workouts for their intensity, so I look forward to trying this one as well! I also will look for your book :)

12 Nov 2008, 04:57
hi Sadie.

thank you for the Road Trip yoga, its amazing and i looking for the second part :). and by the way your book is great and i learned a lot from it so thank you for sharing your wisdom! your dvd i cant find in Finland but i´m lucky for all the free yoga you share with us all.

by the way congratulations to your exellent choise of president :)

Sadie Nardini
10 Nov 2008, 12:45
Hi Haifeng!

I'm glad you like the Road Trip, and I'm bummed that you can't find it where you live. But this should give you some food for thought, and let me know how it translates into your life off the mat too.

08 Nov 2008, 11:10
Wow! Sadie,what an amazing sequence you have demonstrated!

Especially, I love the elucidation you gave for each asanas, and it's so helpful to understand the profound meaning of Yoga.

It's a pity that your book and dvd can not be found here in China,therefore,I hope this serial sequences of inner trip will go on in your Blog.

Best wishes, Namaste.

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