Body Part

Five Trouble Spots- Fix Them Today


Target soft spots

Banish body blemishes (that's right, cellulite, back bulge, love handles, arm flab, and tummy tub) by bikini season. 15 minutes, your mat, and these poses will do the trick.

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Sweaty is Sexy: Upper Body


Sweaty is Sexy- Get your Sweat on

Sculpt sexy upper arms and shoulders with this sweat-stimulating sequence. Let Tara show you how. 

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Joint Responsibility: The Yin and Yang of Yoga


Downshift your dog for flexibility of both mind and body

Not every yoga practice has to be power this or vinyasa that. In fact, giving your muscles and mind a break gives your joints a chance to work. Try this yin yoga sequence for a change of pace.

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Sweaty is Sexy: Abs


Sweaty is Sexy 
- Get your Sweat On

Forget those late night infomercials promoting pills that promise tight abs without breaking a sweat. The true path to a taut torso is getting down and dirty.

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10 Minute Yoga: Hamstrings


Maximize your flexibility with a whole body warm up

One of the tightest spots for most people, stiff hamstrings can limit your mobility and compromise your posture. Give these hard-working muscles some attention and you'll not only increase your flexibility but you'll sculpt a sexy behind and legs, too.

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