Back Pain

Baby Your Back: Sciatica


Say "Sayonara!" to Sciatica with this Viniyoga sequence.

You’ve asked, we’ve answered. Here’s the Viniyoga remedy for Sciatica relief.

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Baby Your Back: Neck and Shoulder Pain


Problems in the neck and shoulders are often caused by chronic tension--that achiness and tightness after a long day of too much stress and not enough exercise. Viniyoga poses allow you to move your head took keep pressure off your neck. Try these variations.

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Yoga Cures: Upper Back and Shoulder Pain


Repair the damage of bending and lifting

The Supported Fish Pose opens the chest and extends the thoracic spine, bringing muscles back to their natural position. This restorative pose is recommended for moms who lift and carry babies or toddlers.

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Yoga Cures:
Poor Posture


Straighten yourself by posing as a snake

To fix bad posture, you need to tone and strengthen the entire spine. This Cobra sequence in the morning and night will eliminate the problems caused by slumping and hunching.

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Baby Your Back


Target your back pain with Viniyoga

A 2005 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that practicing yoga postures was more effective than traditional treatments for chronic lower-back pain. Here’s the guide to poses for the achey places.

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